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Empowerment Sessions


Everyone loves a party! E3PD specializes in customizing empowering, educational and enjoyable events that just might save a life! Informally gather a few friends or plan for a more formal event, such as a bridal party, baby shower, or graduation party. Your trainer and consultant will educate your guests on crime prevention, safety, and personal defense techniques. Guests will be trained on a selection of non-lethal self-defense tools that can be purchased in the same session.



Groups of five or more; a wonderful "home party" idea for the ladies



Home parties or talks for special events are generally scheduled for anywhere between one to two hours. Thirty minutes of that time is dedicated to education, while the remainder of the time allows for hands-on training, games, and activities. This is extremely flexible based on the event and host needs.

For the ultimate virtual shooting experience, allow us to bring our Smokeless Range to you! The virtual system allows realistic training with the use of laser-emitting pistols, so there's no live fire required. Contact us for more information.

COST: FREE with Five or More Confirmed Guests

Includes personal defense "empowerment" talk and personalized training in the use of non-lethal self-defense and safety tools (stun guns, pepper spray, personal alarms, batons, defensive key chains, etc.). Products are available for purchase.

A $10 per person charge is applied for the Smokeless Range experience.

CONTACT US to schedule your session!

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