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 Private Instruction


Our lead instructor, Joy Allen, offers private instruction and personal coaching to help you take your pistol shooting to the next level! Whether you are looking to improve marksmanship, learn defensive shooting techniques, build fluidity, prepare for an instructor qualification, maintain LEO proficiency, or advance skills for competition, she is available to lend her knowledge, skills, and experience toward realizing your goals. Private instruction is a personal and progressive approach to achieving your goals. To measure success, most students complete at least two to three sessions.

All first-time students will receive a shot group evaluation to assess skills and set a benchmark against which progress will be measured. Students will need a handgun and 50-75 rounds of ammunition for a typical session.

Students desiring to measurably improve their skills are highly encouraged to supplement personal instruction with the Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Pistol Qualification program or FBI Qualification Course of Fire, designed to improve time and accuracy. Marksmanship program participants will be provided with targets, coaching, records management, and awards as marksmanship levels are mastered.


Any shooter desiring 1:1 support and assistance with handling or shooting a handgun would benefit from this service. 



Private sessions are conveniently booked in one-hour blocks based on your availability and can be shared with one additional person (maximum of two students per session). Range location will vary based on need and availability.



CONTACT US to schedule your session.

COST: $100 per hour (range fees not included)

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