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Ladies' Shooting Clubs

Joy Allen, InHER Piece

InHER Piece, LLC was founded in May 2020 and officially launched in July 2020. Joy Allen serves as President and CEO.




InHER Piece will empower women of all walks of life through firearms training and personal protection education without the intimidation of political, gender, or socioeconomic agendas. We will utilize business alliances, community outreach, and corporate resources to ensure every woman has access to the tools, education, and information necessary to safely exercise her Second Amendment rights.


"Peace of mind, one round at a time!"

We are excited to finally have a "safe place" for diversity within the shooting sports and firearms community! InHER Piece creates a forum for ladies, by ladies, that encourages firearms education, diversity, comradery, and community involvement.


Monthly meetings, featuring seminars, training sessions, special guests, and, practical range exercises, are held the second Sunday of each month at our home range, Eagle 1 Supply, located at 4410 Craftsman Drive in Raleigh. The cost to attend is $20 per meeting, which includes applicable range time. All experience levels are welcome! Ladies as young as eight may attend meetings and events. All minors must be accompanied by a legal guardian who is legally qualified to possess and operate a firearm.

Become an official VIP Member of InHER Piece! Membership is just $50 per year. Benefits include prioritized attendance at meetings, free training and events, an InHER Piece tee-shirt, swag and gear, an official membership card, sponsor discounts, and more!

Note: Guests may attend one meeting or event, after which membership is required for continued participation.

InHER Piece Official Launch


Due to the ongoing COVID pandemic, some meetings have been held virtually, via the Zoom platform.

Meeting Topics:

  • August: Developing a Home Defense Plan (Virtual)

  • September: Special Guest, Stephanie Marie - The Path to Becoming a Firearms Instructor (Virtual)

  • October: Back to the Basics - Safe Gun Handling, Marksmanship, and Clearing Stoppages | Range Fundamentals Test

  • November: Holiday and Travel Safety | Mozambique Drill on the Range

  • December: Special Guest, Attorney Tim Cannady - Legal Considerations of Gun Ownership and Self-Defense (Virtual)

  • January: Proving Ground - Understanding the Aftermath of Violent Encounters | Modified Casino Drill on the Range

  • February: Getting to Know Your Gun - Cleaning, Maintenance, and Proper Use

  • March: Special Guest, Al DeOrleans - Competition Shooting and Tactical Training | Worst-Case Scenario Drill on the Range

  • April: Situational Awareness | ABC/123 Drill

Meetings will be supplemented with range outings, as circumstances allow.

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