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Become a Professional Firearms Instructor

Training others to safely and efficiently use firearms is a rewarding experience. With it comes a tremendous amount of responsibility. If you are ready to take the next step toward instructor certification, I am here to help. As both a USCCA and NRA Certified Training Counselor, entrepreneur, and corporate executive coach, I am equipped to mentor instructor candidates through every aspect of certification, lesson planning, marketing, networking, and the overall successful execution of your firearms courses and/or business. Let's connect!

Joy Allen, Firearms Instructor and Training Counselor

Certified Training Counselor and Mentor

E3 Personal Defense takes pride in training, developing, and mentoring the most proficient and professional firearms instructors. We are honored by every opportunity to contribute to their successes.



Friday & Saturday, May 25 & 26, 2024

NRA Pistol Instructor Certification

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Friday & Saturday, June 29 & 30, 2024

USCCA CCHDF Instructor Certification

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