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Popular Courses


Our North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun (CCH) Training features the model course produced by the North Carolina Justice Academy. E3 Personal Defense offers the superior option for this popular course, featuring professional presentation materials incorporating elements of the USCCA CCHDF curriculum, NRA standards, and Rangemaster instruction philosophies. Each attendee also receives an official copy of the North Carolina "Red Book", Concealed Carry Handgun Training, published by the NCJA. Upon completion of the course and live-fire exercises, successful students will receive a certificate required for the NC CCH permit application. 8-10 Hours, $109



This introductory course is perfect for new shooters or anyone who desires to understand the mechanics of a handgun and handle it safely. Students will gain an understanding of handgun types, safety, mechanics, and basic marksmanship fundamentals. Firearms and ammunition are provided. All are welcome, including children. 3 Hours, $79


This is the shooting course that teaches you how to practice! The 90-minute session is divided between classroom time and live fire. The classroom features the book, Pistol Practice, the Shooting Range Guidebook that Teaches You How to Practice, by John Kolis. Three Pistol Practice chapters will be reviewed and then executed during the range portion of the class. Every attendee receives a copy of the book ($30 value) and instruction on how to use it for continued improvement on the range. 2 Hours, $79


Our lead instructor, Joy Allen, offers private instruction and personal coaching to help you take your pistol shooting to the next level! Whether you are looking to improve marksmanship, learn defensive shooting techniques, build fluidity, prepare for an instructor qualification, maintain LEO proficiency, or advance skills for competition, she is available to lend her knowledge, skills, and experience toward realizing your goals. Private instruction is a personal and progressive approach to achieving your goals. 1 Hour, $100

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