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Protect Your Peace, at All Costs!

The fact is that more people will die from stress-induced illnesses than gun violence. Ponder that for just a moment.

For most people, learning to safely handle and use a firearm is a step toward a sense of peace. People want to be equipped for self-protection. While not necessarily driven by fear, there are many reasons to be empowered to defend oneself against worst-case scenarios. After all, the world can be a dangerous place.

Nonetheless, the irony is that so many learn to defend their physical bodies, via firearms or otherwise, but fail to address protecting their peace of mind. We should not live in fear, but we also shouldn't live with perpetual stress, anguish, disappointment, and anger. Defending life is a greater concept. It includes managing and protecting the quality of life, or at least it should.

Those of us committed to protecting ourselves must also commit to guarding our peace. We were not created or built to live under continuous stress, aggravation, and fear. Yet, while practicing our marksmanship, so many in our society continue to overwork. We take on burdens and problems that are not our own to solve. We fail to eat right, exercise, and get proper rest. We hesitate to forgive others, leaving us to carry burdens of guilt, anger, bitterness, and frustration.


It's really time to make a change. Self-defense must be a holistic approach - one that not only protects life but our joy as well! Let's not just live, rather live well!

So remember...

  • It's okay to cancel an appointment.

  • It's okay not to take a call.

  • It's okay to change your mind.

  • It's okay to take a day off work.

  • It's okay to speak up.

  • It's okay to be alone.

  • It's okay to let go.

  • It's okay to say no.

  • It's okay to AVOID DRAMA and the people that bring it.

2 Timothy 1:7

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