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Living in Fear

As a pastor, I'm often asked why I chose to open a business based on fear. After all, I'm also a preacher of the Gospel. How do I reconcile faith and fear?

The facts are quite the opposite. I believe that everyone should live free of fear, guided by faith and embracing every joy life offers. That's freedom! I also believe that TRUTH guides us to this freedom (John 8:32).

Here's the truth in these United States of America:

- A murder takes place every 35.6 minutes

- Forcible rape happens every 6.2 minutes

- A robbery occurs every 1.4 minutes

- A violent assault happens every 40.5 seconds

- Burglaries occur every 14.6 seconds

(Source: FBI, UCR)

Unfortunately, not every person lives life by the same standard. Criminals exist. Evil people roam the earth. We should not fear them, but we must be aware of them (2 Timothy 1:7; Philippians 3:2).

Don't be a victim. Learn to protect yourself. Knowing what to do when a dangerous situation arises just may save a life.

Consider this...

Do pastors who conduct regular fire drills at their churches lack faith? Do Christians who learn CPR live in fear? How about the God-fearing parents who run background checks on their nannies? Are they somehow neglecting their faith? NONSENSE! They are responsible, faithful and prepared citizens that just might save a life.

That's our goal. That's the basis - saving lives! Believe it or not, ignorance kills far more people than pepper sprays, stun guns or even firearms. And that's the simple truth.

Food for thought:

“But now,” he said, "if you have a wallet or a pack, take it; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your robe to buy one" (Luke 22:36).

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