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Take Responsibility

One of the most important things any individual can do is take full responsibility for one's own protection and safety. As Americans, we live in a very passive society. We are blessed with so many benefits that it's easy to push personal responsibility onto others. We depend on fire departments, police officers, security guards and even doctors for our own care and protection.

Instead, we must train ourselves to take responsibilty for ourselves. While these blessings do exist, they can't be accountable for us when we have the power and tools to manage and perhaps even save ourselves.

We read articles and watch programs every day designed to help us take responsibility for various aspects of life. Eat right. Exercise. Lose weight. Create a budget. Save and invest money. Get educated. And so on... Yet, when it comes to personal safety and protection, many still turn a deaf ear.

We rarely hear about the need to get educated in safety and self-defense. When we do, debates almost always ensue. An assumption is made that those who desire to plan are either full or fear or secretly planning an act of violence. Unfortunately, it's typically only after a tragedy occurs that we truly consider protecting ourselves, despite these assumptions. It's important, BEFORE something happens, to have a plan. Never assume that "it won't happen to you."

Are you ready? Do you have the tools and education required to protect yourself and guard your own life?

What's your plan?

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