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Dear American Woman

The following is a poem dedicated to women who feel the need to justify carrying a firearm, even in 2017 and beyond. I wrote it because I find there are still many who demand an explanation for a woman who chooses to carry a firearm, or simply learn to use one effeciently. Be encouraged. Be empowered.

I work hard each day

Grueling well into the night

I leave the office for my car

In the darkness of the night

I’m a mother who is determined

To build a house and home

My husband works late evenings

My children and I are left alone

In uniform, I fight for this country

Against all enemies, I will defend

When I return home from war overseas

Who will value my life then?

I study hard, hitting the books

Hoping one day to make family proud

Alone in the library, no one hears screams

Despite how strong or how loud

Married ten years, and I thought he would change

By my life he has threatened again

I’ve gone to the courts, but my gut feeling says

I’d better have another plan

I’m older and living alone in my home

Family visits every now and then

What if a thug breaks into my home

And I’m too weak to fight or defend?

My father owns guns

They’ve been around since I can recall

I learned to hunt and shoot targets

I think they’re fun; is that so awful?

Dear American woman

You’re no less of a lady

If firearms you desire to use

Dear American woman

2nd Amendment rights

Mean you don’t have to be abused

Dear American woman

You’ve been granted rights

There’s no need for inward contending

Dear American woman

You need no justification

Because YOU are well worth defending!

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