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Dear Armed Black Woman

Before they beat down doors

Killed our men in the open streets Now politics and cultural taboo Aim to keep you quiet and discreet

Let’s not forget the queens Who fought to ensure your shine They gave their lives as matriarchs And passed the baton to the next in line

You are your first defender This battle cannot be lost You’re a queen, Black woman Defend your crown at any cost

You work hard each day Grueling into the night Leave the office for your car In the darkness of the night

You’re a mother who is determined To build a house and a home When your husband works late You and your children are left alone

In uniform, you fight for this country Against all enemies, you will defend But when you return home from overseas Who values your life then?

You study hard and hit the books Hoping to make your family proud Alone in the library, no one hears screams Despite how strong or how loud

Married for years, you thought he’d change But your life is threatened again You’ve gone to the courts many times in the past And now you seek a better plan

To the store, you go shopping for supplies To fill your pantry with food Little do you know there’s a robbery being planned By criminals who are up to no good

You’re older now and home alone Family visits only now and then If a thug dares to break into your home You’re well-equipped to fight and defend

Our dear LEO, while they may mean well Cannot stop or save you from crime Only you can actually prevent a tragedy To save a life, be it yours or mine

Dear Black woman The fight is not in vain The torch has been passed to you

Dear Black woman 2nd Amendment rights Mean you don’t have to be abused

Dear Black woman You are entitled to be armed There’s no need for inward contending

Dear Black woman You need no justification Because YOU are well worth defending!

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