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Paralyzed by Choice

Personally, I hate buffet restaurants. It's not just the germy atmosphere that concerns me, but the overwhelming pressure I sometimes feel by being confronted with so many choices!

Don't misunderstand me. Choice is good, but sometimes an excessive number of options can be overwhelming.

I remember buying my very first car. I actually had a pretty good idea of what I wanted - a four-door sedan with a dark colored paint, good gas mileage, and a great price. Simple, right?

Well, it was simple until I picked out my base model. Then, the confusion began. I was presented with more choices than I ever thought possible. At a mere 21 years old, I hadn't given much thought to the type of engine I'd prefer, or which fueling system would best suit my needs. Sitting at the table with a list of checkboxes to choose from suddenly became overwhelming. Finally, I decided that I couldn't make a decision. I was too nervous about choosing wrongly and paying for it later.

The world of self-defense can be much like my first car buying experience. There are SO MANY tools and options available that most people have no idea until they actually decide to make that step toward taking responsibility for their own protection. At that point, one begins to realize all the things they have NEVER considered. It can be quite overwhelming.

If you are that one who has decided to take your personal defense seriously, congratulations! Making a decision is the first step. Now, there are a myriad of options and considerations for you to ponder. Price, accessibility, ease of use, training, impact/stopping power, concealability and legal restrictions... just to name a few!

Take your time. Do your research, and be resolved in the fact that your self-defense arsenal will likely include some variety tools to cover varying situations. Talk to others. Have discussions with your attorney or a local law enforcement officer to gather their recommendations. Try different options, but resist the urge to master them all. Start small. Something is better than nothing!

Remember that your mindset and situational awareness are by far your best defensive tools. Eventually, you'll find something at the buffet that works to supplement the same.

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